About Personal Banc

Personal Banc is an innovative, forward-thinking, and pragmatic company ready to take on the established personal loans and investment market. We are bold and understand our customers’ needs and wants, and we strive to bring new technology and efficiency to the market. 

The backbone of the enterprise is offering personal loans to customers in need of financial solutions and investment accounts inviting investors to hold funds with us for investment purposes.

Our organisation is customer-focused. The custom-built platform is ready to take personal loan applications and deliver funds effectively and quickly. Our investment system is designed to be simple, clear, and allows easy access to any gains you earn.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To become a well-renowned and respected financial institution, taking responsibility for our employees’ and customers’ wellbeing, with strong relationships that bring positive outcomes in our local community.

Our Vision

Making personal investments and loans easy accessible, leading our organisation to a position of strength and admiration across the personal financial solutions market.

Our Values

Integrity: We manage our business honestly and ethically. We prioritise our customers interests, making their goals as ours.

Innovation: We are open to ideas that challenge the conventional views and drive innovation.

Excellence: We constantly strive to redefine the standard of excellence in everything we do.

Collaboration: We collaborate to create rewarding experience, empower and inspire our team. Collaboration is the heart of our business.

Respect: We treat each other with respect and courtesy. We encourage diversity in our workplace and value the contribution of each person.

Accountability: We take the initiative to own our responsibilities and to exceed expectations. We make and keep commitments.

my boss
YBhg Datuk Murugan Supparamaniam
About The Chairman

Personal Banc is led by YBhg Datuk Murugan Supparamaniam. He is a successful businessman, having already founded the highly successful company, Koperasi Mega Maju Selangor Berhad, in 2014.

The CEO is ambitious and high spirited - he strives to make every day better than the day before, always pushing himself and his business to succeed. 

The world of business is challenging, and it is an environment in which he thrives. By harnessing his insight and business acumen he was able to found his business at a young age and develop it into the highly regarded company that it is now.

Personal Mission:

  • To set an example to young people and show them their potential to build a brighter future
  • To cultivate a spirit of entrepreneurship in young people and enable them to succeed in business
  • To initiate, support, and sponsor programs within communities to foster a sense of goodwill

Personal Vision:

  • To span a range of industries, being successful and respected across the corporate world so as to provide a role model for the younger generation to aspire to.